About 1.4 millions Banking Jobs in India by Year 2022

Yes it’s true. Millions of youngsters who are in search of jobs in banking sectors have a good news that around 1.4 millions jobs shall be created for them in the coming years. This fact was revealed in the report by National Skill Development Corporation which was prepared recently.

This news is a morale boosting for all those youngsters who are slogging during all these years to get any of the jobs in this world of cut throat competitions. The Jobs will be out in many banks.


As per the Report, the banks have given many jobs including around 16,000 Officers, more than 3,700 Section Officers and above 30,000 clerks  in various Govt Banks through Institute of Personnel Banking.

There has been a steep increase of 25% in the Recruitment in the Banking sector for this fiscal year.

There are several of banks which are mulling to recruit more than 50,000 employees in the capacity of officers and clerks. the Syndicate Bank will also give jobs to more than 5,000 people as officers and clerks.

The interesting fact is that this time engineering students and MBAs are coming in more nos in the banking jobs than the commerce graduate against the old tradition ringing an alarming bell for them. So a very tough competition ahead despite in dramatic increase in the no of jobs.

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